Live every note.

You can’t fake it. You can’t pretend. It doesn’t work. When you’re singing, or writing, or playing you need to live every single note. That’s what gives it its value. There is so much meaningless stuff out there. So much that is glossy and fake. So much that is designed to deceive you.

To avoid contribuing to that noise, mean every word you sing. Every single one. It’s the same as having integrity when you speak to someone else. You have to mean the things you say if you want your work and your contribution to be worth anything to others. Stop simply singing pitches. Live the notes. Like Louis Armstrong said, “If you don’t live it, it wont’ come out your horn.” In this way, you need to become the song. You put everything you have, the whole of your experience as a human being, into it and then it becomes a gift for the audience. It becomes something you are discovering together, like the connection between a writer a reader. In this way, music your music will become a bridge that can connect people.