Hello, my name is Paul. I am a husband, father, writer, and musician living in Jersey City. I grew up in North Brunswick, New Jersey, on a quiet cul de sac less than a mile from U.S. Highway 1.

My childhood was very suburban, full of strip malls and station wagons, trips to the local swim club and lunches in the food court. I graduated high school and went on to study English at Rutgers University, where I got a proper education in delinquency.

After that, I began writing to pay the bills and playing in bands at night. For years, my musical comrades and I spent our weekends in a van, driving around playing gigs, courting mayhem and meeting some exceedingly strange characters.

Nowadays I spend most weekends around the apartment, taking care of little odds and ends and spending time with the women in my life – my wife and daughter. I still write to pay the bills.