Produce, produce, produce.

Think about it. When you get depressed or overcome with anxiety it’s usually because you haven’t produced something recently. The production of work is what brings you supreme joy. Do the work. Make the thing. Each time you do this, you’re really bundling up all of your worries and anxieties and tossing them out to sea. It’s a message in a bottle, each piece of work. And it brings an unparalleled satisfaction and pride in one’s life. But the moment you complete a piece of work, these effects begin to wear off. And if you wait too long, you wind up depressed and anxious, mind darting every which way, fretting over trivialities and big “life questions” equally. Neither of these is productive, and productive is what you need to be. So produce.

If it’s good, give it now.

There is this temptation to wait. Wait until it’s better, wait until it’ll really show them, wait until you ready to bestow your masterpiece upon the world. This is arrogant and foolish thinking at best. You may be gone tomorrow. This is not an over dramatization – it’s a fact, sure as summer follows spring. It should come as a liberation, then, that as long as you deem a piece of work as good, aka worthy of someone else’s time and attention, you may — no, must! — put it out into the world. Not someday, but now. The benefits are many. You are relieved of its burden. You may improve someone else’s life by sharing it. And you are thus forced to shift your focus onto the next piece of work, rather than wasting precious time gazing lovingly upon that which is already collecting dust on your bench.

Happy Birthday To You

In songwriting, the key is everything.

Cos either it starts with a riff, or better yet, it starts with something you hear in your head.

And then you’re singing it. You’re singing it to yourself and you hear it and it’s taking shape and it’s sort of like a little miracle forming right before you’re very eyes.

You get used to this, you start to get better at the dance. There it is, forming right in front of you and you are seducing it with your powers.

And slowly but surely you bring it to its knees and lay it down on the bed and have your way with it.

That’s when you pick up the guitar.

Don’t be a fool and try to start ham-fisting that guitar.

No, keep listening to the song and FIND it on the guitar. FIND the key.

It’s kind of funny that it’s called a key, because it really is one. FIND the key. Unlock the song.

Then the glorious click of the latch and Pandora’s box is opened and the colors flood out and the soak you in truisms. The song says the thing it wants to say, the thing you wanted to say but couldn’t.

Now it’s here for you to summon whenever you fancy it.

Happy Birthday To You.

He’s not dead yet…

Troubled citizens of the Internet, there’s nothing to fear.

Brother Paul is alive and well.

He’s been hibernating this long and lasting summer

And hopes to return this winter

Do not try to make sense of it

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This picture tells me everything is going to be just fine.

My wife took this picture at dawn from the pier near our apartment. It’s so beautiful. Everybody sees different things you know? I could never take that picture. That’s what makes life so interesting. It’s the people.


“feels like home”

hey hey babe you know we’ll be just fine
ain’t no cloud we can’t outshine
ain’t no tangle that we can’t unwind i know

crazy how the years move so fast
don’t look now honey
don’t look back
just put one foot out in front of the real slow

anywhere we go
anywhere we go
when i’m with you babe
it feels like home

hey hey babe i ain’t afraid to dream
still got a little left in these wings for you
you’re still my diamond
now and then we’re gonna see some rain
cast some shadows
feel some pain
but there ain’t no sin that can keep that sun from risin’

anywhere we go
anywhere we go
when i’m with you babe
it feels like home

(c) 2014 paul rosevear

Want to burn down your whole life and start all over again? I got a song for that.


(my version)

1st verse

you and me baby we just got to get away

cos the people round here don’t see it our way

got the car all packed, no time to waste

if we leave right now we could make it by daybreak

i never needed anyone but you

and i know sometimes it don’t seem like i do

but the fire in my heart, well it burns real true

i just can’t sleep on a dream i’m due

and the truth it hurts

and the lies don’t work

and the good goes bad

and the bad comes back

and the kids grow old

and the old folks pass

if you’re born to run

better do it fast


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The Wait Is Over… It’s Finally Here … Strange, vol. 2!!!

You asked…

You begged…

You pleaded…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…

I present to you…







A collection of 13 acoustic tracks, recorded throughout 2014


Totally original hits…

Remakes of the classics…

All brought to you with the same REAL-ASS-SINGIN’ and lovely ANALOG-TAPE-HISS you loved on Volume 1…


Your fearless leader,


P.S. If you’re confused, there is more info here and here.

P.P.S. But you should probably just listen first.

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