Brother Paul FAQ

Guys, since the announcement of this whole “Brother Paul” thing, the press has gotten wind of my little experiment and they’re onto me like dogs. I put together this FAQ to keep them at bay.

Is Brother Paul really a brother?

Yes, he has one sister.

Does Brother Paul have any hobbies?

Most of Brother Paul’s hobbies revolve around music to one degree or another, but he also enjoys cooking pizza and has recently revisited his middle school obsession with skateboarding.

Is Brother Paul gainfully employed?

Yes, he is a copywriter in NYC.

Would Brother Paul sing at my graduation?

Ummm. Maybe… what are you graduating from? Will I get fed?

How did Brother Paul come up with his name?

Well he wanted to come up with a new name for his old band, Readymade Breakup. They have been playing for 10 years and it kind of seemed like the RMBU name had run its course, and perhaps it was time to start fresh.

Originally, he suggested the name “Butcher’s Muchachos,” but the guys didn’t really cotton to that too quickly so he thought some more. He remembered that they always call each other “amigo,” like when they pick up the phone, “Hey amigo, what’s up?” and so on. So he was thinking about renaming the band “Amigos,” and this was sounding cool, we could even do it like The Ramones with Elvis Amigo, Spicy Amigo, and Paulie Amigo.

But in the meantime, he figured he could translate Paulie Amigo into English, and that became Brother Paul. It was only later that he learned that “amigo” does not mean “brother” in English, it means “friend.”

Can Brother Paul play any Metallica?

He can play “Fade to Black” pretty good, the acoustic part and the first solo. He can play “Nothing Else Matters,” but who can’t? He can also play “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” and fake his way through most ofRide The Lightening for that matter.

Is it true that Brother Paul was born in New Brunswick, NJ?


Has Brother Paul ever played The Victoria Theater at NJPAC before?

Yes, one other time opening for Richard Thompson. You can actually hear a few soundboard recordings from the show here.

Who are Brother Paul’s influences?

Hunter Thompson, Tom Waits, Jim Henson, Harry Houdini, Keith Richards, Carson McCullers, Jack Skellington.

Does Brother Paul have any brothers?

Yes, he has one brother named Paul, acquired through marriage.