Brother Paul’s Family Tree, plus a song

So I just discovered that Suzanne Somers published a book of poetry called “Touch Me” in 1980. How could this be?

Life is amazing. I was just having lunch w/ my buddy Dave yesterday and we were catching up on this and that and we started to tell each other about our families.

Turns out Dave is the youngest brother of ten siblings. I told him I only know of one other guy who is the youngest brother of ten and he happens to be one of the greatest minds in all of American music—Dexter Romweber.

But anyway as we talked about family, I told him about this bizarre coincidence between my wife and me. She’s one of two siblings, just like me. She’s got an older brother, I’ve got a younger sister. Fine.

Now, her father is an only child—just like mine. And just like my dad, he grew up without a dad of his own. OK, pretty strange. Plus our mothers were both one of six brothers and sisters. Well now this is just odd, you have to admit.

What does it mean? Nothing as far as I can tell. But it’s interesting.

At any rate, when I got home from the studio the other day with Milo, I remembered the one song that I actually wanted to record in the first place—the one I actually knew the words to. It’s called “A Long Time Ago”.

Now, I don’t have the studio tonight, but that’s fine because I’ve been meaning to do some recording in the bathroom. So I did, and here it is, “A Long Time Ago”.

Just to let you know exactly what you’re in for here, this was guerilla warfare. No mic stand, I had to get creative. The mic was perched up in the shower basket with all the shampoos and such. Which was fine because it captured a nice reverb but the problem is, the voice is a little bit low. But I’ve included the lyrics here below in case you’d like to follow along.

Then I put the mic in the towel rack and that worked out just fine.

OK without further adieu (and just remember this is NOT A PROFESSIONAL RECORDING BY ANY STRETCH), here it is ladies and gentlemen, “A Long Time Ago”.