Happy Birthday To You

In songwriting, the key is everything.

Cos either it starts with a riff, or better yet, it starts with something you hear in your head.

And then you’re singing it. You’re singing it to yourself and you hear it and it’s taking shape and it’s sort of like a little miracle forming right before you’re very eyes.

You get used to this, you start to get better at the dance. There it is, forming right in front of you and you are seducing it with your powers.

And slowly but surely you bring it to its knees and lay it down on the bed and have your way with it.

That’s when you pick up the guitar.

Don’t be a fool and try to start ham-fisting that guitar.

No, keep listening to the song and FIND it on the guitar. FIND the key.

It’s kind of funny that it’s called a key, because it really is one. FIND the key. Unlock the song.

Then the glorious click of the latch and Pandora’s box is opened and the colors flood out and the soak you in truisms. The song says the thing it wants to say, the thing you wanted to say but couldn’t.

Now it’s here for you to summon whenever you fancy it.

Happy Birthday To You.