If it’s good, give it now.

There is this temptation to wait. Wait until it’s better, wait until it’ll really show them, wait until you ready to bestow your masterpiece upon the world. This is arrogant and foolish thinking at best. You may be gone tomorrow. This is not an over dramatization – it’s a fact, sure as summer follows spring. It should come as a liberation, then, that as long as you deem a piece of work as good, aka worthy of someone else’s time and attention, you may — no, must! — put it out into the world. Not someday, but now. The benefits are many. You are relieved of its burden. You may improve someone else’s life by sharing it. And you are thus forced to shift your focus onto the next piece of work, rather than wasting precious time gazing lovingly upon that which is already collecting dust on your bench.