Live Webcast This Tuesday – Tune In!

This coming Tuesday at 9:30 pm hop on over to where I will be performing a 30-minute set of songs! Here are the details.

Let me tell you about StageIt.

This is a very cool new site. It’s different from other video sites like YouTube because it’s all live. There are no replays, it’s a one-time event.

You can also comment, make requests, leave tips. It’s awesome. Not alot of people know about it right now – there aren’t many shows taking place on it, but I have a feeling that will change soon. 

Just to see what it’s like, I tried it last night. I watched a set from James Otto, a country singer. I was surprised at how intimate it was. He was just hanging out at his place, singing some songs, and it was really sincere. I don’t even really know his music but I felt like I got to know him a bit by the end of the performance. 

One thing I would definitely recommend is to make sure you have a good Internet signal before the show. Mine was acting up and it made the screen freeze periodically and that really sucked. So make sure you’re all square on that for Tuesday.

Ok that’s all! Head over to the site, sign up, and I will see you Tuesday!