Lyrics and Luggage

You’ve got a verse with three solid lines but you can’t quite find that fourth and final line—the one that brings it all home. You’ve been fishing for it for maybe 15 minutes or maybe an hour, strumming, singing, trying, trying, trying. You know it’s there somewhere. It’s glimmering in the corner of your eye but you can’t quite bring it into focus.

Finally, your brain says, “Enough.” And you agree. It’s just not happening right now. You’ll hit the hay and try again tomorrow. Or you’ll run that errand and revisit it later this afternoon.

Just after you’ve said “I’m finished,” to yourself—genuinely, sincerely—go back and give it just two more minutes. See what happens. Often that split second of mental relaxation is just what’s needed for the puzzle pieces to gently fall into place, like luggage settling in an overhead compartment. The words find a natural order of their own, and the line appears. Not always. But often. Give it a try.

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