Who is Brother Paul & Why Should I Care?

What follows is a fairly old post, but it explains the origins of Brother Paul In Concert!

So I wanted to do something cool for this upcoming NJPAC show of mine. I’m opening for a Queen tribute band (!!!) from the UK and it’s at The Victoria Theater in Newark, NJ.

Not every day that I get to stand up on stage with a guitar and play my songs to 500-seat theater. No, not at all.

So I wanted to do something to make this show more interesting. Mainly for myself, but also for my friends and anybody who is interested in my music.

I didn’t want to just be another regular guy, with his regular guitar, playing his regular songs. It’s all so forgettable. And just kind of boring to be honest.

So I came up with this stage name, Brother Paul.

Brother Paul is still me. But it’s funny how a little nickname like this has changed my perception of this show.

It’s made things more exciting. My hope is that you will find it more exciting too.

The show is two weeks away and I’m going to post some different song ideas I’m thinking about playing during the set, etc. I hope you will check them out and maybe even give me some feedback.

For answers to FAQ on Brother Paul, go here.