Here’s a sampling of music I’ve written and sung over the years. Scroll down to see 1) solo music, 2) band releases, and 3) brand projects.


Pearl is my most recent solo release—10 acoustic and piano songs recorded live at the legendary Magic Shop studio in SoHo. Below are a few samples:

“Armed with an acoustic guitar, an appealingly hoarse voice, a keen ear for pretty folksy melodies, and a sturdy grasp of thoughtful songwriting, Rosevear brings a plain-spoken simplicity and stripped-down immediacy that’s both refreshing and engaging in equal measure.” – The Jersey Beat

Several years before Pearl, I released my debut EP Broken Nosed Poetry—five acoustic pop songs written and recorded in Asbury Park, NJ. Below are a few samples.

“An affecting acoustic collection of sepia-toned portraits, capturing the feel of longing hearts, highways and rainy days.” – Smashing the Block

“Strange” is a lo-fi home recording project I do to keep my writing chops fresh and just have a little fun. So far I’ve released 3 volumes, here’s a sample from each:


The Vice Rags is my current band—four long-time friends playing no frills rock ‘n’ roll inspired by all the good stuff, from Little Richard to Tom Petty. Below is our debut EP. Our follow-up will be out Summer 2019 on Mint 400 Records.

“What Elvis Presley might have sounded like if he stepped into Sun Studios today.” – The Aquarian

“A high-speed Turnpike collision between Tom Petty and gutter punk.” – Come Here Floyd

In my 20s and early 30s I played and sang in a band called Readymade Breakup. We drove all around in our Ford Econoline van, played a ton of shows, had a lot of laughs, and occasionally wrote a decent song 🙂

The Blakes were the first band I ever played in that got any attention beyond the local scene—we only made one EP before we broke up, but if you like power pop in the vein of Jellyfish or or Queen or The Beatles, boy you’re in for a treat!


I sang on this Kay Jewelers commercial which aired during the Super Bowl.

Here are some additional samples of songs I’ve written and sang with the producers at Human Worldwide for various ad agencies.

*Please note these aren’t final versions that aired on TV.