NJPAC Recap (Part 1 of 3): Whoopi Goldberg humps Freddie Mercury, plus footage

Back in April, I played a gig at NJPAC opening for a Queen tribute act called “One Night Of Queen”. It was my inaugural performance under the “Brother Paul” moniker. What follows is a recounting of the events of the evening, to the best of my recollection.


Photo: Paul Leonardo

I’m going to start at the end because that is what I remember most.

After the show, a woman from the audience who resembled Whoopi Goldberg got up onto the stage and began dancing with “Freddie” in a very provocative way.

The show was definitely over, the house music was playing. The rest of the band had left the stage and these two were just going at it to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Next thing I know, somebody else wanders out onstage from the wings in a giant mouse costume and starts gyrating around on the drum riser.

This was really bizarre. The audience was not paying attention, they were filing out of the theater. But I was glued to this madness.

Whoopi and Freddie continued to have great, sickening fun humping around on each other a little while longer and then Freddie exited the stage. Whoopi turned around, flipped us all the double bird, and leapt off the stage after wrapping herself in one of Freddie’s trademark flags. I couldn’t really see where she went, she just kind of disappeared like a thief in the night.

This was so weird.

Let me return to the beginning. I’d been in a frenzy across the last 24 hours, printing, stapling, cutting, crafting, and assembling all kinds of stuff for this show. I had all of these printed materials… literature, I guess, about “Brother Paul”. That and collectible mugs. But I’ll get to that later. When I finally came up for air it was time to hustle over to Newark for the soundcheck.

I was super nervous. Terrified actually. Asking myself, why do I do this? Why do I torture myself in this way? It’s not necessary.

Getting ready in the dressing room was kind of cool. My brother in law was there and we were just hanging out. It kind of felt like “the real thing”. I had my own toilet. And like a stage hand guy who would come and get me when it was time to go out for the first set.

Off I went…

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Footage shot by Paul Leonardo