Serendipitous chicken wings, plus a song

My friend Marcus told a story about chicken wings and suddenly I couldn’t help it: I wanted chicken wings.

He told us that somebody had planted a chicken wing in his bag one night, and he later found it… at the exact moment he saw someone else eating KFC. The stray wing enabled him to immediately satisfy the sudden craving that came over him when he saw the other fellow plowing through a bucket of Kentucky grilled. Holy cripes, I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment that rules quite as much as that. Maybe finding a $20 in my jeans?

Anyway I had southern fried chicken on my mind so I went over to Hill County Chicken and ordered the 5 piece Texas Tenders. This was too many, there’s still a tender in the fridge at work as we speak. But it did have me in a southern kind of mood.

So when I got to the studio tonight I decided to try this tune that has a bit of a southern fried feel to it. Originally I had intended to send you Part 1 of the 3-part recap of the NJPAC show (Note: The recap is now available here) but I haven’t gotten a chance to understand my digital camera yet and it’s important that footage be included in these communications so it will have to wait.

In the meantime, here is a little tune for you. Georgia keeps finding her way into my songs. This one is called “The Stars Kept On Shining (In The Georgia Sky)”. Now before you listen please keep in mind that this is an EXTREMELY CRUDE RECORDING made without the use of ANY SORT OF PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT OR EXPERTISE and you should bear that in mind before you hit play.

(Also, there are many, many words in this number so I have included them below if you’d like to follow along.)


The Stars Kept On Shining

(In The Georgia Sky)

words and music by Paul Rosevear

Taloolah was certain

That true love had come

In a man named Orlando

Who worked in the sun

He was kind and gentle

And she was his prize

There was no greater beauty

He’d seen with his eyes

But the town started talking

And the family got wise

And they did what they had to

To keep things in line

So Orlando went missing

And Taloolah just cried

And the stars kept on shining

In the Georgia sky

Now Jim was a rebel

It was just in his blood

He didn’t mean no trouble

It’s just the way that he was

And he fell for Delilah

With the silver streaked hair

A drunk’s only daughter

With beauty to spare

Well the old man spoke plainly

He made himself clear

With his wife just a memory

Well his girl would stay near

But Jim he insisted

And one bullet was fired

And the stars kept on shining

In the Georgia sky

Well June was a wild one

A bad girl with charm

She kept love in her heart

And junk in her arm

And she wound up pregnant

With no man to be found

All the boys that she’d been with

Well they’d long since left town

She stayed on the needle

Cause the world got so cold

She could see people whisper

When she’d come up the road

But the babe was born healthy

Though her sweet mama died

And the stars kept on shining

In the Georgia sky