Songwriting Lessons


It doesn’t matter if you’ve written a thousand songs or zero songs. Whatever your experience level, I’ll meet you there and take you where you want to go. Concept, lyrics, melody, arrangement, and performance–each session we touch on all of these elements and more as we co-write together. You can write great songs. I’ll show you how.

The way I teach, you’ll learn by doing. As we collaborate, I’ll guide you through every facet of the songwriting process, answer your questions, and always keep you in the driver’s seat. It’s your song. I’m just here to help you unearth it.

I teach in person and online–whichever works best for you.

Email with the subject line “Songwriting Lesson” to book a session, and let’s write something amazing together.

Here’s what my students have to say:

“I have had about 3 songwriting teachers and Paul is by far the best. He is able to teach me skills in songwriting in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s him writing, taking over, or changing the concept or meaning of my song. The way he makes suggestions about areas I might not understand makes me feel respected as a songwriter and as a student. He gives one time to process the suggestion/instruction, test it out, and see/decide if it works or not. Paul is fun to work with, great to learn from and an absolutely wonderful teacher. I would totally suggest him to you if you’re interested in taking songwriting lessons.” – Michelle, age 22

“Paul’s combined skill, experience and love for music make him a highly qualified teacher. His love for music is contagious and inspires you to put more time into your music, practice and writing. Over the past year working with him, I have seen various areas of my playing, singing and writing improve immensely. He is experienced in many different genres of music. It does not matter if you are just starting or are advanced, Paul will take your guitar playing, singing and writing to a whole new level. His patience separates him from the average teacher. I recommend him to any serious musician who wants to take their playing to the next level!” – Mimi, age 43

“I felt very comfortable with Paul, 10 minutes into my first lesson. He’s engaging, experienced, educated, and most importantly fun. Paul helped me take my stories and put them in song structures that brought my words to life. He worked very hard to bring out the emotions and feelings I was experiencing at the time, which translated into songs I love and am extremely proud of. When Paul and I hit on something special in one of my songs, the celebration and excitement was overwhelming and amazing. He pushed me to get better. If he saw I needed to learn new chords to enhance a portion of my songs, he would teach me the theory and reasons behind any new approach, so I would feel totally comfortable.  If you want to take your singer/songwriting to the next level, don’t think twice about getting lessons from Paul, you will not be disappointed.” – Noel age 66

“Paul is an ideal songwriting coach: he’s patient and positive and profound. A remarkable wordsmith and musician, he gets into the weeds with you on each song, helping you to identify and stay true to its core meaning. He teaches you to “pull the thread” so that a full song emerges from a single idea, every beat following naturally from the last. When you write something that works, Paul is a bigger fan of it than you are. If you’re stuck or struggling, he guides you to a solution that you can take pride in as your own. And if you come to him with a set of “perfect” songs, Paul will focus you in on minor adjustments that end up making a huge difference. In any scenario, you will learn something new every time you talk to him.​” – Alex, age 34

“The first thing that jumps out at me about Paul is his positivity. Everything about his interaction with me  was encouraging and helped us move forward with our creations. His unbounded enthusiasm is highly contagious. He truly gets excited about the creativity expressed by his students. Paul is also versatile. He’s fluent in a wide range of musical styles, from hard metal to laid-back folk, and able to be constructive with each one. If you remember nothing else about Paul, just remember he is very good. ” – George, age 68

“I had the good fortune to work on my songwriting with Paul Rosevear this year. I found him to be thoughtful, passionate, and creative in his approach. Paul thinks outside the box, and challenged me in constructive ways on song structure, melodic choices, and storyline. I found this particularly valuable because of my tendency to revert to my strengths and not break new ground. Paul’s broad knowledge of multiple genres gives him a lot to draw on in this regard. A working songwriter and performer, Paul brings to the table current real life experience on what works in today’s market, tempered by a deep respect for the classics. Working with Paul is a great, informative experience.” – Bernie, 59