Your Questions Answered (Strange FAQ)

Good news! More and more people are discovering, downloading, and spreading the word about Strange vol. 1However, some impassioned questions have arisen about the release. To clear the air, I’ve put together this handy FAQ.

Why is it called Strange?

I have always liked that word.

Who drew the cover?

My friend Astro Monkey drew that for me many years ago.

Why does it sound like that?

Like what?

All rough and stuff. Sounds like you made it in your bathroom.

I did.

Well why should I pay for it then?

Man, you are way confrontational. First of all, there’s tons of free music on my site. Knock yourself out. But if you want to own this collection, you’ve got to pony up.

But it sounds like you made it in like 10 minutes.

Actually, dude, it took me 33 years to make.

Well how come you didn’t go to a pro studio? Or at least make it sound pro like everybody else is doing on GarageBand or whatever?

First of all, who wants to be like everybody else? Secondly, I’ve been fortunate enough to make many recordings in professional studios with world-class producers, mixers, and mastering engineers (Thanks guys!). I just felt like trying something different.

Well how are you going to get it licensed to One Tree Hill?

I’m not even going to answer that.

What did you use to record?

Mostly I used my old Yamaha MT50 4 track cassette recorder. I have a couple mics (Altec 670B, Shure SM57) and depending on my mood I would choose one, plug it in, and go. Then I would bounce that into Pro Tools through my MBox and create a WAV file to post online.

For a couple of the songs, I just played and sang straight into my iPhone using either the Voice Memo app or my SoundCloud app.

Wow, 4-track cassette recording. You must be old.

You know what man? I don’t appreciate your attitude. You get one more question.

Will there be a Volume 2?

Yes, I’m putting it together now. Now scram!