Brother Paul’s Uncle Albert, plus a George Jones cover

Yes, I have a real Uncle Albert. Actually he’s my great uncle. He lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania and like his brothers Peter, John, Bernie, and Julie, he served in World War II.

I really feel like he’s one of the most direct lines I have to that idea of what it means to be American. What does it really mean anymore? I’m not sure. But a large part of me feels like apart from all the freedom and liberty hoopla, it’s more about a feeling that you have in your blood.

As far as I can tell, Uncle Albert lives for just two things… country western music and bass fishing. And storytelling. He’s almost like a living legend, the way he talks. Bizarre stories. Like just going to the supermarket turns into mythology before he gets back home.

And he’s one of those guys that has an insane basement. Like, it’s just dank and weird and it’s filled with all kinds of bizarre electronics and guitars and just random junk. He must have 10 VCRs down there right now. He lives at the flea markets. It’s a whole economy up there in Scranton of townies just trading stuff back and forth. He works security at night.

It was my Uncle Al who got me into country music. To him, there is no other kind of music. He doesn’t like any of that “other junk,” it’s all about singing a simple song nice and straight and just being yourself.

The first country singer he got me into was George Jones. So I thought I’d share a little George Jones number with you here. I learned it from a book Uncle Al gave me of country numbers. He said if I practice real good, he’ll see me on TV one day and I’ll make a lot of money.

I figured I’d get a nice homey feel if I sat at the kitchen table near the window. It did feel homey but I still don’t have a mic stand so I had to resort to unorthodox tactics. There was a flower pot on the sill there and I just took the daisies out and plopped the mic in there which seemed to get the job done.

I really love this song and I hope you enjoy it but please just keep in mind this is an EXTREMELY RAW AND UNPOLISHED RECORDING that may not sound very good at all on your listening device.