Twenty Very Entertaining Minutes on How to String Up a Guitar with Joe Walsh of the Eagles

A friend shared this video with me recently and it’s a real winner. Who would have thought that watching someone string a guitar for 20 minutes could be so riveting? Joe teaches with the zest and gusto of a feisty Italian grandmother passing down a family recipe (I know, I have one). Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Want to burn down your whole life and start all over again? I got a song for that.


(my version)

1st verse

you and me baby we just got to get away

cos the people round here don’t see it our way

got the car all packed, no time to waste

if we leave right now we could make it by daybreak

i never needed anyone but you

and i know sometimes it don’t seem like i do

but the fire in my heart, well it burns real true

i just can’t sleep on a dream i’m due

and the truth it hurts

and the lies don’t work

and the good goes bad

and the bad comes back

and the kids grow old

and the old folks pass

if you’re born to run

better do it fast


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The Only Chord You’ll Ever Need

“One chord is fine, two chords is pushing it, and three chords is jazz.” – Lou Reed

Here’s a cool riff in E… Just one chord.

The kind of riffs I like best are what I’ll call “rolling riffs”. They have a circular quality, which means you can play them on loop and never tire of them. They’re addictive.

Also, each riff has a personality. When you play it, it’s almost as if the two of you are hanging out together.

Now, about this riff. This is the kind of riff that you’d want with you in a street fight. It’s tough, but not without a sense of humor. You’ve got to earn this riff’s company. Once you do, it’s fiercely loyal.

Make that low E blare like a siren and those high strings cut like a blade.