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Twenty Very Entertaining Minutes on How to String Up a Guitar with Joe Walsh of the Eagles

A friend shared this video with me recently and it’s a real winner. Who would have thought that watching someone string a guitar for 20 minutes could be so riveting? Joe teaches with the zest and gusto of a feisty Italian grandmother passing down a family recipe (I know, I have one). Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

How To Be An Artist When You’re A Total Nobody 

I should know. I’m an artist. And a nobody.

But guess what? If you’re an artist, obscurity is your best friend.

When you’re anonymous you can develop your art without answering to any expectations other than your own.

But to develop, you have to cash in every day.

What I mean by that is, you have to get today’s art out of yourself because tomorrow it will no longer be there.

One way to look at it: Magic Dollars

Your ability to make art is like a stack of magic dollars that disappear at midnight. You’ve got to spend them or your lose them. You’ll get new magic dollars tomorrow.

Another way to look at it: Speeding Train

Imagine yourself in an open field, looking at a freight train racing across your field of vision.

That train is your artistic identity.

Always moving, never the same.

If you sketch (write, sing, paint, invent, sculpt, design, build) the cars you see today, you capture who you are in this moment.

If you wait for better cars, they will surely never come.

The way you feel today is a thing.

Seize it and draw upon it! Melt it down and form it into something.

Do you think Springsteen could ever write another Darkness on the Edge of Town?

Of course not. But I bet he wishes he could.

Life moves forward, and our insides evolve with every day.

That’s why we have to always be taking pictures of what we see.

Every day, a snapshot.

Someday you will be wiser than you are right now, but you will have paid in innocence.

The innocence is what makes your art great.

Enjoy your innocence. Revel in your obscurity. Spend your magic dollars.