How Many Mornings Will You See In Your Lifetime?


Mornings are often talked of as the most dreaded part of the day. This morning it occurred to me that maybe they should be the most celebrated.

I was looking thru notes on my iPhone. Did a search, and wound up on a note that was made “469 days ago”.

469 days ago. I don’t often think of life in terms of days. It’s usually years. But to see that number, I could not help but be struck with a bolt of melancholy. Where had those days gone, really? Looking back on the past year, I could file it under “success” or “time well-spent” I suppose. Still, I felt a loss.

What stuck with me was the thought that I’d lived 469 mornings between then and now. I’d woken up 469 times with an opportunity to go out into the world and do something. Not like rah-rah, I’m going to change the world bullsh*t. Just the simple opportunity to live. Walk around, talk to people. Be myself.

It’s hard to appreciate each day because they feel so plentiful. Especially when you see 469 days go by in a blink. But think about that. That’s so much life! So much opportunity.

There’s a Native American philosophy that says each day is an entire lifetime. I think that about says it all.