How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My parents own a house down in Bradley Beach. It was decided that this house is where my wife, daughter, and beagle would be spending our 1-week summer getaway as a family. Behind the house is a small “bungalow” of sorts. It’s kind of a mini house of its own. There are two floors. The first isContinue reading “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

Playing The Anchor’s Bend in Asbury Park

Photo: Paul Leonardo With the car jammed to the gills we made our way down the highway. It was a great ride. Cool night. Held my sweetheart’s hand, baby asleep in the back. Everything was breezy. Crashed at the folk’s place and arose Saturday to coffee and chit chat before I headed over to AsburyContinue reading “Playing The Anchor’s Bend in Asbury Park”

How To Be Yourself, Even When You Don’t Fit In

Tropical storm be damned, I wasn’t about to miss The Oblivians. I sloshed over to the South Street Seaport through the rising flood and headed out on Pier 17. There was a big tent, this must be the spot. I approached the hand-stampers, a couple of young girls. The one looked at me. “Are youContinue reading “How To Be Yourself, Even When You Don’t Fit In”