How To Sing At A Wedding (I Did It My Way)

My friend Gerry’s wedding band is incredible. They were playing a mutual friend’s wedding and he comes up to me at the cocktail hour and says “Hey you wanna sing some somethin later?” I said sure. Though I was kinda scared. Singing at somebody’s wedding is nerve wracking man!! I’ve done it before, but I dunno. StakesContinue reading “How To Sing At A Wedding (I Did It My Way)”

All Of You

Singing is the deepest form of personal expression. When u write, paint, play sports, study, or love from the heart, it’s all A form of singing. That’s what u hear in ray Charles’s voice…. All of himself. That’s what singing is. Not the kind of singing u hear on “the voice” or most musicians theseContinue reading “All Of You”