How To Sing At A Wedding (I Did It My Way)

My friend Gerry’s wedding band is incredible.

They were playing a mutual friend’s wedding and he comes up to me at the cocktail hour and says “Hey you wanna sing some somethin later?” I said sure. Though I was kinda scared. Singing at somebody’s wedding is nerve wracking man!! I’ve done it before, but I dunno. Stakes are high.

He says “How about Summer of 69.” I said OK. This was not my first dalliance with Bryan Adams. I can’t stand it when people dismiss him out of hand. This song is amazing. It’s so honest. Bryan doesn’t even realize how honest it is.

Anyway, I tried to keep it classy. I was thinking, how would Sinatra rock this? I don’t think he woulda done the Springsteen nose-to-nose move at the end of the clip there, but I sure am glad I did. Thanks Ger.


All Of You

Singing is the deepest form of personal expression.

When u write, paint, play sports, study, or love from the heart, it’s all
A form of singing.

That’s what u hear in ray Charles’s voice…. All of himself. That’s what singing is.

Not the kind of singing u hear on “the voice” or most musicians these days. There’s too much careerism going on there. But true singing is from the heart and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with music. It has to do with spirit and individuality.

Singing is how we organize our bedroom or how we raise our kids. The way we style our hair or butter our toast.

Singing is something we have to do. It confirms us. It sets us at peace. It makes us more ourselves.