I Wish I Wrote That: “Signed, Sober You” by HARDY

I love it when a song just levels me with sheer craft. Like… it’s so good, it makes me mad. But it also makes me smile. And I can’t decide whether I want to pick up a guitar or throw in the towel once and for all. Yes, when that happens you know you’ve stumbledContinue reading “I Wish I Wrote That: “Signed, Sober You” by HARDY”

How tall is your song?

So you’ve written a song. Now, how do you play it? To me, the answer often comes down to understanding the nature of your song. In other words, its character. How tall or short is it? What does it like to wear? Is it weepy or joyous? Does it bark at you, or sing youContinue reading “How tall is your song?”

Serendipitous chicken wings, plus a song

My friend Marcus told a story about chicken wings and suddenly I couldn’t help it: I wanted chicken wings. He told us that somebody had planted a chicken wing in his bag one night, and he later found it… at the exact moment he saw someone else eating KFC. The stray wing enabled him toContinue reading “Serendipitous chicken wings, plus a song”