The Only Chord You’ll Ever Need

“One chord is fine, two chords is pushing it, and three chords is jazz.” – Lou Reed

Here’s a cool riff in E… Just one chord.

The kind of riffs I like best are what I’ll call “rolling riffs”. They have a circular quality, which means you can play them on loop and never tire of them. They’re addictive.

Also, each riff has a personality. When you play it, it’s almost as if the two of you are hanging out together.

Now, about this riff. This is the kind of riff that you’d want with you in a street fight. It’s tough, but not without a sense of humor. You’ve got to earn this riff’s company. Once you do, it’s fiercely loyal.

Make that low E blare like a siren and those high strings cut like a blade.