This World Is A Playground

I wrote this song a while back for another artist. It never really got off the ground, so I kind of shelved it. At first it didn’t seem like the kind of song that I could deliver convincingly. When I first wrote it, it was more like something Michael Frante would do. More world music influenced & not quite my style.

But over the past year I’ve played it here and there in my living room and just the other morning I found my “in”. Something just clicked. I was strumming it in different keys and through some combination of chords & a capo I found the right sound. And I realized it was kind of like “Imagine” and that gave me the touchstone for where to take it.

So that was how I figured out how to play it in my own style. That’s the whole trick about playing a song, to find a way to relate to it. Finding all the things in your past that allow you to connect the dots and then do it in your own way. And mean what you’re singing. Here it is, I hope you enjoy it. It’s called “Playground”.

Download “Playground”