You Don’t Always Get To Choose

You don’t always get to choose.

But you always get to play.

Besides, life would be pretty boring if you always got your way, wouldn’t it?

There in between what you want and what you can’t have…

Well, there’s your story.



Recorded in a 2008 Toyota RAV4

A dress in the mail
A suit from the mall
Hung some crystals on trees
All we had was three days

Some nails and some wood
A few potted plants
Dad knew a judge
Who could help with the plan

This is where it all began
Under that willow branch

A few folding chairs
a bright autumn day
the boys cleaned up nice
uncle don brought a cake

john took some pictures
of us with our folks
jess caught the bouquet
paul gave a toast

This is where it all began
Underneath that willow branch
Hand in hand
We’ll start again
Underneath that willow branch